Friday, 2 May 2008

Wave - Particle Duality in Classical Gravitation Theory


Trials of analysing a spherical light wave, which supposedly distorts as it interacts with a gravitational field is attempted with the assumption of a flat 4 dimensional space-time. Photons are produced as a result of annihilation of electron-positron pairs and are described by Bose-Einstein statistics. Huygens' wave theory principles are combined with the Newtonian corpuscular model of light as a stream of particles whose masses are subject to the laws of gravity. Efforts have been made to base the calculations on quantum statistical mechanics with a quantum mechanical expectation value for the Newtonian potential energy. A grand partition function has been used to describe the physical characteristics of the two resulting solutions:

  1. closed form wave fronts similar to the Kepler orbits of Newtonian gravitational theory
  2. open form "virtual" wave fronts similar to Coulomb repulsion in electromagnetic theory, e.g., Rutherford scattering of atomic nuclei.
These solutions correspond to the retarded and advanced potentials of electromagnetic theory.

A major focus of theoretical physics in the inter war years 1918 - 1939 was in establishing a bridge to unify the electromagnetic theories of Maxwell and Faraday with Einstein's theory of gravitation. An early attempt at this synthesis was the 5 dimensional geometry of Kaluza-Klein. Since then many theories of increasing complexity have been proposed, without much observational or experimental backing.

to be continued......

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Breakfast At Serengeti

Breakfast At Serengeti
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The Ngorongoro Family

The Ngorongoro Family
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Tabloid Time: The Aliens Are a'Landing ?!.. ;-)

At the risk of being ridiculed and being labelled a freak, I shall like to draw everyone's attention to the following recent events....If you watch the videos then turn on the sound for the commentary...

Fireball across Ausin, Texas (16th Feb 2009). According to BBC, apparently, its NOT debris from a recent satellite collision...:

Same in Idaho in recent times. NO meteor remains found yet:

Exactly same in Sweden:

This was recorded on 25th Feb 2007 in Dakota, US:

This year has seen three of the spookiest UFO videos surface, with people in India, Mexico and even in space, NASA, spotting things they couldn't explain:

CHECK out this one on 24th Januray, 2009 in Argentina close to Buenos Aires:
You tube:
Press Coverage

AND Lastly, and more importantly, from Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11 :

Heh?! Don't know how authentic these news are... don't even know if these are UFO's or meteors or ball lightning or something else. But, if meteors, then where are the meteorites ? However, I see no reason why life cannot exist in other planets and why they could not be sneaking around here :-) . I for one, have long suspected some of my relations to be space aliens or at least X-people from X-files :-)

I am waiting for a job on an Alien spaceship myself. :-)

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Giraffes in Parallel Universe
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Serengeti Shall Never Die
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